oldblogfollowperfect120-deactiv said: same goal weight. well if i could get down to 115 it'd be nice actually , i'm 16 and 5'11 i was just wondering how tall you were ?

Girl I’m only 5’4”! I bet you’re a healthy weight for your height and I bet you’re stunning as you are. <3

Sunday Jul 7 @ 10:58pm

As for me, I’ve begun trying to eat five mini-meals throughout the day to keep my metabolism up and not fall into starvation mode. I’ve also given up eating after 7:30 PM. I started about five days ago and I’ve lost about five pounds since then. It’s definitely a healthier route and I’m feeling a lot better. ❤ Hopefully you guys are doing well, too.

Sunday Jul 7 @ 06:20pm
Hey Guys ❤

How are you all doing? I’d love to hear about last night / today! 
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All are welcome, I like getting to know you guys :)
I hope you all made wonderful choices! And if not, don’t tell me that you’ll do better tomorrow, because you won’t. You’ll tell yourself that it’s okay to fail tonight and it’s not. If you say that, you’re more likely to let your guard down again tomorrow. Just start - right now. You have the power to change everything around. Grab a healthy snack, go work out. You’re not worthless, you’re not fat. You’re beautiful & you’re challenging yourself and you can do it. 

Sunday Jul 7 @ 06:19pm
Saturday Jul 7 @ 06:04pm
Saturday Jul 7 @ 06:03pm
Saturday Jul 7 @ 06:03pm
Saturday Jul 7 @ 06:02pm

thereticence said: I follow you on a different account and just realised I'm not following you on my weightloss based one.

When I first followed you, I had an unhealthy mindset and thought your blog was just another thinspo blog. Your last post really spoke to me, thank you!

Of course! We’re all going through the same thing together. <3. 

Saturday Jul 7 @ 05:26pm
"I’ll start tomorrow! Tomorrow’s a new day!"

That’s not inspirational to me. I don’t want you guys to start tomorrow, because that gives you a few more hours to fail. And then you’ll wake up in the morning feeling terrible about today, so what new motivation will you have?

Start right now. I know you’d rather sit on the couch right now and eat junk food but how are you going to feel after? Me, I just ran 2 miles and took a shower instead and I feel great.  But here’s the message that I really want to get across:

I want you to know that you’re beautiful, every single one of you. I don’t want you to be working out and eating less in order to get thinner. You need to start really looking at yourselves and realize that you’re gorgeous. You’re wonderful the way you are, but I want you to be doing this because you LIKE it. Because the exercise makes you feel happy and energetic. The feeling of fitting into smaller pants will be just an added bonus. But if you tell yourself that you need to lose some weight to be happy, you’re setting yourself up for failure. You’re not dependent on losing weight, it’s just something you’re going to do on the side. It’s a healthy life style, and you’re going to be happy that you’re doing it. But I don’t want to hear you tell me that you’re just trying to be skinny so that you can feel pretty. You already are pretty, now you’re just toning to make yourself a little bit happier.

—- I know I already posted this, but it’s a strong message that I firmly believe in. So I’m essentially re-blogging myself.  ;)

Saturday Jul 7 @ 05:19pm

wasteddrunk said: I'm 5'2 or 5'3 and weight like 112 ish,, am I fat?

Gosh no! In fact, depending on your frame, you might actually be underweight. But you’re definitely not fat at all & just look at you, you’re gorgeous. Don’t worry about a thing, love.

Friday Jul 7 @ 03:18pm

Anonymous said: I can't figure out if you're thinspo or if you're a healthy weight loss blog?

I’m both, silly! My site is just about helping people feel good about themselves. Granted, I think the best way to do that is to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I also try to get people to think more positively about their bodies, even if they aren’t changing. Regardless, anybody who wants to lose weight for personal happiness can definitely do that and I completely support them. I guess what I’m trying to say is that my blog is to support anybody on any of their goals. I’m just pro-whatever makes you happy. 

Friday Jul 7 @ 03:15pm

Nunight tumblrs/tumblrettes  ;) 

Stay strong and make great choices tomorrow! Good breakfast, take a nice walk. Park a little farther than usual from work, take the stairs not the elevator. Drink some more water than you usually would. Little changes, that’ll get you where you want. Sleep tight!  & fill up my ask box with questions, comments, stories, pictures, anything at all! I love meeting you guys.  :)  ❤  http://forevershrinking.tumblr.com/ask

Thursday Jul 7 @ 10:56pm
haaa, a little tough love.

haaa, a little tough love.

Thursday Jul 7 @ 09:39pm

loveechangeseverything said: I love your blog!! It's so inspiring and keeps me going! Thanks for that :)

No problem sweetheart! ❤ I’m glad you like it.

Thursday Jul 7 @ 09:36pm
I’m checking out some of your blogs and you guys are all beautiful. ❤ Thursday Jul 7 @ 09:00pm
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